Networks and Communications

GRHA, with the assistance of the Australian Commonwealth and State governments, have purpose developed a major communications network including internet access, data connectivity, shared application services, IP Telephony, and room, mobile-based and desktop video solutions in order to support health service provision.  Dedicated networks such as this will continue to enable patient centred care across remote areas, connecting patients and medical staff and improving health outcomes in Victorians.  

Staying at the Edge of Cyber-Security Management

With the Wide Area Network supporting near 10,000 users, GRHA has the knowledge, expertise and experience in providing boundary security and proactive monitoring of all security appliances.  From advice, to full network management and support, all GRHA clients can rest assured they are working with a Health Service dedicated provider that not only keeps tabs on the latest cyber security news and requirements, but invests in them with clinical grade infrastructure the goal.  In 2017, more than $500,000 is being spent through GRHA to increase security, compliance and auditability. 

We're Preparing for the Future To Deliver a Better Health Business.

In an industry (Health) where there is a rapidly increasing business requirement for instant access to information across multiple sites by multiple people, better bandwidth means better business. GRHA’s tender for Regional Carriage Data Services is making for a big step forward to deliver ‘Clinical Grade Networks’ and assure the best for it’s near 20,000 connected devices.