Project Management and Implementation

Grampians Rural Health Alliance project managers plan, coordinate and manage the full cycle of project activities such as developing timelines, setting budgets and assigning tasks within information technology or telecommunications projects. They work closely with member organisations, direct with government, vendors and clients to ensure that the right equipment and personnel are available to complete project tasks. 

What makes GRHA the best choice for your ICT Health Service Project?

  • GRHA have a genuine interest in Information Technology and new technologies and developments within the Health industry
  • GRHA have an established and successful history with well developed relationships health technology providers 
  • GRHA aligns itself to government goals whilst understanding the needs of local health services and the local region 

GRHA is your recognised partner for establishment, prioritisation and management of ICT and we achieve our vision through the following values:

  • Patient and client needs driven
  • Supporting the strategic goals of members
  • Providing leadership advocacy in ICT
  • Being responsive to service system needs
  • Providing common solutions and reuse where appropriate
  • Providing for flexibility in approaches
  • Supporting diversity across the health and community services sectors
  • Emphasis on collaboration and communication with stakeholders
  • Equitable information and resources available to all members
  • Transparency and accountability of governance and decision making
  • Delivering cost effective services
  • Promotion of innovative uses of ICT

Grampians Rural Health Alliance believe that through shared ideas, information and experiences, we broaden the regional knowledge base, help build partnerships and foster collaborative approaches to healthcare delivery. Together, we are much better positioned to meet the future demands of health care provision.