Grampians Rural Health Alliance has a major communications network including internet access, data connectivity, shared application services, IP telephony, mobile-based and desktop video solutions. GRHA also undertakes various projects that support streamlined workflow and continuity of care across the region's multiple health service providers and sites.

GRHA's mission is to connect regional health professionals by providing them with:

Activities Definition
ICT Strategic Planning GRHA provides; guidance and planning for business systems, information management and information and communications technology for the Grampians Region.
Advocacy GRHA advocates and collaborates in seeking opportunities from all levels of government, industry sponsorship and from private institutions to innovate and develop the region’s capabilities.
Representation Represent the region’s ICT interests at state and industry forums. Provides feedback and support the Grampians region resulting from this representation.
ICT Policy and Standards Provides Alliance members with leadership, guidance and support concerning the provision of “good” ICT practices and standards.
Wide area networking, management and monitoring

Deliver wide area networking (WAN) to support GRHA clients with connections between members within the region, external health agencies whilst also enabling connectivity to external providers.

Provides monitoring and support for all GRHA supported WAN network routing and core switch appliances throughout the region.

Internet services Provide GRHA clients with WAN bandwidth, providing delivery of email services, internet access, secure remote access and gateway access to external application and service provides.
IP Telephony Internet Protocol (IP) based telephony services and least cost call routing and support of associated infrastructure.
Videoconference and Tele Health services Integrated room based and personal videoconference services for desktop and mobile platforms in support of clinical service provision across the GRHA region and beyond.
Remote Access Provision of remote access services and connectivity into the GRHA and Agency environments.
Service Desk Service/Help Desk provides triage, first level assistance and call management, resolution for GRHA core services. (Business Hours Support Only).
Implementation of DHHS policies and strategies GRHA manages and implements regional programs as stipulated by DHHS. These programs of work include planning and implementation of strategic initiatives as defined by the DHHS. (*note: Costs for major projects are outside the GRHA delivery of core services and alternate funding arrangements will be sought).
Procurement Assist and advise on the procurement of ICT items on behalf of the alliance where appropriate.