Supporting Digital Health

The Victorian State Government Digital Health Strategy centres on transitioning from an episodic-centred health system to a person-centred system.  Grampians Rural Health Alliance supports this direction, developing and working to contribute to the Digital Health Strategy and aligning with the Victorian State Government Digitising Health seven digital critical success factors.

  • Leadership and governance
  • Change and adoption
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Digital workplace capability
  • Information governance
  • Cyber security
  • Investment

These critical success factors are being delivered through 

  • Implementing digital clinical systems
  • Sector-wide shared clinical information 
  • Sector-wide clinical-grade integration and interoperability
  • Person-centred and place-based health and wellbeing
  • Preventive health and early intervention
  • Applied health research, education and analytics

Grampians Rural Health Alliance, through keeping close ties with government, regular meetings and maintaining awareness of government policy and direction, bridges the gaps between day to day health service provision and investing in the technology that can provide continuous business improvements and efficiencies for the health industry.  GRHA enables members to keep on track with government direction whilst concentrating on the core business of improving the health outcomes of patients.

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