The Grampians Rural Health Alliance (GRHA) is  one of five alliances of Victorian rural health agencies that are responsible for the delivery of core Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and ICT strategic planning and development. GRHA provide shared ICT applications to member healthcare agencies in the Grampians region including Patient and Client Management Systems (PCMS), Aged Care Information Systems and electronic referral applications.

 The Alliance comprises 12 hospital-based health services, four bush nursing centres and stand-alone community health centres, all spread across over 40 sites. Additionally GRHA has many customers and partners spanning the aged care sector, medical sector, community service organisations, local government and the higher education sector.

Through shared ideas, information and experiences, we broaden the regional knowledge base, help build partnerships and foster collaborative approaches to healtchare delivery. Together, we are much better positioned to meet the future demands of health care provision.

Supporting Digital Health

The Victorian State Government Digital Health Strategy centres on transitioning from an episodic-centred health system to a person-centred system.  Grampians Rural Health Alliance supports this direction, developing and working to contribute to the Digital Health Strategy and aligning with the Victorian State Government Digitising Health seven digital critical success factors.


The Grampians Rural Health Alliance membership comprises 12 hospital-based health services, four bush nursing centres and two stand-alone community health centres. Many of these organisations have multiple campuses. 


Grampians Rural Health Alliance has a major communications network including internet access, data connectivity, shared application services, IP telephony, mobile-based and desktop video solutions. GRHA also undertakes various projects that support streamlined workflow and continuity of care across the region's multiple health service providers and sites.