Welcome to GRHA

The Grampians Rural Health Alliance (GRHA) supports improved regional health outcomes by providing technology, applications, and communications solutions to connect the region's health services.
Video Conferencing

GRHA has developed and implemented mobile Video Conferencing units within selected Health Services under the Clever Health Project. Clever Health is funded under the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (formerly DCITA) Clever Networks Program and is currently developing further the capability in this area. If your organisation would benefit from this technology please contact us.  (03) 5320 6965 or via an email request support@grampianshealth.org.au

Healthcare Results

Through shared ideas, information and experiences, we broaden the regional knowledge base, help build partnerships and foster collaborative approaches to healthcare delivery. Together, we are much better positioned to meet the future demands of health care provision.

GRHA Projects

GRHA, with the assistance of the Australian Commonwealth and State governments, have purpose developed a major communications network including internet access, data connectivity, shared application services, IP Telephony, and room, mobile-based and desktop video solutions in order to support your health service provision.